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Judicial podcasts are a project of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal, where employees of the court and judges communicate with each other, discussing innovations in work, current issues of justice and the position of the Sixth ACA in resolving one or another legal problem.


Information resource of the Sixth ACA, launched since December 15, 2017. The online edition in the form of sketches highlights the actual issues of judicial practice and case law. The authors of the materials are the employees of the court administration and judges.

School of Judicial Journalism

A unique education project for students of journalism faculties, founded May, 2016 by the Sixth ACA. The main mission of the School is to facilitate legal knowledge of future journalists. The project is realized with the assistance of the socially active journalists, editors, media lawyers and experts.

Doors Open Day

Since 2016 our court conducts excursions and educational events for pupils and students of Kyiv. For pupils, we organize guided tours and communication with a judge, and for students – lectures on the work of the court and on general legal topics or topics selected by students of the law faculties.

Facebook pages

To check the updates on the work, projects and activities of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal follow us in Facebook.

Ecological program

We realize the mission of the court for environmental protection. Environmental strategy is formed to solve environmental and social problems, to preserve and protect the environment, to help protect ecological rights and interests, to promote the development of the environmental affairs, and to establish a democratic civil society in Ukraine.

Case law of the Supreme Court

Case law of the Supreme Court it is an information section, in which we publish short content of a case law or a conclusions by the Supreme Court. Case lawis organized according to the categories of administrative cases and is constantly filled with recent acquisitions.

This information resource will be useful for the judges, lawyers and anyone who carries out professional activities in the field of law, wish to be aware of the latest court practice and successfully apply it in their work.

Free legal aid

On February 12, 2019, the Sixth ACA together with the legal clinics of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine and the Faculty of Law of the the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyivsigned bilateral cooperation memorandums.


PROправо is an online edition for young and experienced lawyers
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PROправо is an online edition for young and experienced lawyers

Additional materials
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Additional materials - Articles of the Code of Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine in tables and schemes


Prepared for students of the School of Judicial Journalism. The terms in the dictionary are separated by topics: "case", "general definations", "criminal cases", "civil, administrative, economic cases", "court hearings".


We talk about the activities of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal in the area of administration of justice, international cooperation and implementation ofeducational and public projects, events in 2018.


Information center of Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal

Department of reception and provision of information cervices (Information Centre)

The school of judicial journalism

The School of Judicial Journalism Organizers, lecturers, students about the School of Judicial Journalism and the way they see it. Thank you all for your help. Without you, the School of Judicial Journalism has hardly become what it is now.

Information about the court

This video provides general information about the court's work: hours of operation, management, information center telephones, and more.

Students about work in the legal clinics and in the Sixth ACA

The Sixth ACA thinks it to be important to provide access to legal support for the socially disadvantaged groups.

Finger-speech about the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal

We have prepared an informational video about the Sixth ACA in finger-speech for International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Summarizing the work of 2019


Virtual tour

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