Provided a court has appropriate technical capacity, participants in legal proceedings, outside a Court building (for example, in another city) have the right to participate in court hearing more conveniently, e.g. via a video conference. An exception is the case when a participant’s being present at a court hearing is recognized by a court as mandatory.

Organizes court hearings in videoconference mode a responsible person of the Court – Olena Lavrenko, main specialist of the Information and Technical Support Department.

For more information you can contact Olena Lavrenko at the following telephone number: 098 903 72 15:  +38 098 903 72 15

A court can determine to take part in a court hearing using videoconference mode in the another courts in event of party to a case will file a following motion.

Each year, the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal approves a large number of decisions on participation of persons in court hearings via video conference.

For example, 693 such hearings were held in 2018, with 937 in 2019. 


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Statutory documents for videoconference hearings:

The Code of Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine

The instruction on the procedure for working with technical equipment of procedural actions video recording and their results which carried out in the mode of videoconference during the court hearing (criminal proceedings), approved by order of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine since November 15, 2012 No. 155

Courtrooms where hold videoconferences 


 Courtroom №7 (main)


 Courtroom №14 (reserve)