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Information for Media

Media representatives attend court hearings  (except cases of closed court hearings in accordance with the Code of Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine) without prior accreditation, upon providing a service certificate;

Media representatives, present at an open court hearing, may use portable audio equipment in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.

Persons present in the courtroom, media representatives may take photos, video and audio recordings in the courtroom using portable video and audio equipment without obtaining a separate court permit, but subject to the restrictions established by this Code

The court hearing is broadcast with the permission of the court.

Media representatives are informed about the court's activities by posting press releases on the court's official website in advance and sending them to the e-mail addresses of accredited media.

Termination of an accreditation: if the number of media representatives who wish to be accredited to an event exceeds the available number of places in the room where the event takes place, the Press Secretary of the Court, having explained the reason, may stop the accreditation.

Media representatives must comply with the Regulation on the organization of access control in the Sixth ACA and arrive as early as 15 minutes before an event with an editorial certificate.

The court's press secretary provides organizational assistance to the media in the performance of their professional duties and to provide them with information materials on the event.


Responses to media information requests:

• depending on the nature of the information and its complexity, answers may be given by the press secretary of the court orally and by the court in writing;

• draft responses are prepared within their competence by structural departments of the court administration signed by the Chief Judge or his deputy, the Chief of Staff of the Court.


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