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Information center

Head of the department - Antonina Kovalenko
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Information Center is an independent structural unit of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal.

The main tasks of the department:

to accept and register incoming correspondence, provide its further transfer to performers,  reception of citizens' appeals and their transfer to the department of the court, the authority of which includes their registration. 

acceptance, registration, distribution of documents (in particular with the stamp "For official use"), transmission to the management of the SACA for definition of assignments and their further transfer to the departments for execution;

maintenance of primary accounting documents, nomenclature cases;

making proposals on the organization of record keeping, on elimination of negative and consolidation of positive tendencies in work with documents;

ensuring timely registration of correspondence coming to the department;

work with documents transmitted by electronic means, electronic exchange of official documents in accordance with the Provisional rules;

taking over and exercising control of the execution of the court's incoming and internal documents, which have been submitted to the department for enforcement;

provision of oral information to participants in court proceedings on the course of court proceedings and other information services, in the amount stipulated by the current regulatory acts;

providing court visitors with the necessary oral information on the court's work, other information services and the necessary assistance aimed at creating, as far as possible, the most convenient conditions for the visitation of the court;

ensuring familiarization with case files in accordance with the Issuance Procedure for acquaintance with administrative case materials;

fulfillment of other tasks in accordance with the orders and instructions of the management of the SACA.


In its activity the department is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine "On Judiciary and Status of Judges", "On Civil Service", other laws of Ukraine, resolutions of the Plenum of the Supreme Court, resolutions of the Plenum of the Cassation Administrative Court within the Supreme Court, decisions of the Council of Judges of Ukraine, decisions of the Council of judges of administrative courts of Ukraine, Decrees and executive orders of the President of Ukraine, Decrees, ordinances and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other normative legal acts, orders and instructions of the Chief Judge of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal and chief of staff.


Phone and Fax of the department: +38 (044) 254-21-99

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Work schedule

Call to the court   • 044 254 21 99 • 097 517 67 65  •