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The post of courtroom secretary at the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal is a good and fundamental start to one's career and legal activity. Stepping over the threshold of the court for the first time, we admire the exterior, the classic style of clothing, the business atmosphere and, of course, the colossal career prospects.

Then work days come, and you do not hide: sometimes in the work process there is a lot of routine and boredom. No other way, because it takes hours to work on the processing of cases, reading the codes and regulations, resorting to the intricacies and tricks of the current legislation, to study the practice of other courts, to pay considerable attention to any details, cases and nuances.

At the Sixth ACA, we have learned a lot and have formed both professionally and personally.

During court hearings, we often worry about the fate of people, but we can not help. We can say that these are the most difficult moments of working life.

In the course of fulfilling our duties, we communicate with people who have different characters, their attitude to the world around us. And this must be taken into account in order to navigate the situation and find the right solution.

However, neither the heavy load nor the emotional strain prevent the enjoyment of the privileges of our profession. Its cogent advantage is its comprehensiveness, which makes it possible to remain always at the epicenter of events, new laws, changes, and to know your rights and responsibilities perfectly.

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