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Court podcasts: team "Secretary-Assistant-Judge"

Participants: judge of the Sixth ACA Nataliia Yehorova, assistant of the judge Artem Derevianko, courtroom secretary Liliia Kaziuk, press secretary of the court Olha Shkil

Olha Shkil, court press secretary: Dear listeners, you are greeted by the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal. The theme of this podcast is a team building. Such a team, so that all actions were coordinated, everything was done on time and each member of the team could count on each other.

These words are about the work of the team "Courtroom secretary-Judge assistant-Judge". So, let's get started.

Today we are going to talk with the judge of the Sixth ACA Nataliia Yehorova, her assistant Artem Derevianko and the courtroom secretary Liliia Kaziuk.

Olha Shkil: As far as I know, you have been working in a team together for less than a year, but emotions and memories are fresh. Please remember what have you started from and how difficult it was to work actively at first.

Nataliia Yehorova, judge: We started working together in September 2019, less than a year. But it seems that we have been working together for a long time. I have that exactly. What was the question?

Olha Shkil: What have you started from? But the most important question, perhaps, was it difficult to work actively at first?

Nataliia Yehorova: We have started with hearing cases. Because I got back from vacation, my team was changed completely: a new judge assistant, a secretary. We started working together on Monday, and on Wednesday we have already had 18 cases.

Artem Derevianko, judge`s assistant: On Monday, we had 4 urgent cases, and then the full judge`s panel. I will add that it all started with acquaintance. Looking ahead, it was probably a very exciting moment, but then from the first acquaintance the work started. And I think our team is friendly.

Liliia Kaziuk, courtroom secretary: Personally, I met Artem, we hadn't worked together before, but I knew the judge, probably from the first day of work in the court. Therefore, there were no uncomfortable situations. Both of Artem and me found a common language and, in my opinion, pretty quickly began to work and go in one leg, to one goal.

Olha Shkil: What were you afraid of at the beginning of the joint work? This is a new team, new people. Was there a mandrake on the first joint working day or on the first joint day of court hearings?

Nataliia Yehorova: First of all, I wanted to feel united, because I also worked as a courtroom secretary and a judge assistant, and I can say unequivocally what means a team. And the secretary and the assistant are really one team, striving for the same goal, helping each other. And my main goal was to make this team, our little microclimate, to make us comfortable, to have a friendly atmosphere and to make us all feel the one.

Olha Shkil: How did you create the team in general? Was there time to create a team at all? Maybe you came up with something special to strengthen the relationship?

Nataliia Yehorova: From myself, I can probably say that from the first it was so comfortable, there was no tension in the relationship, there was no desire to fill the void. Everything was like this at once: both the work and the relationship from the first day were good, kind and sincere. I would say so, so I felt.

Artem Derevianko: First of all I think that our sense of humor helped us, because in even the most difficult situations, moments, we could somehow "take off" this situation, laugh, sit down again and continue to work in a good mood. And if you work in a good mood, with a good team, then the work is faster, more efficient. I think that was also one of the keys to the success of our team.

Liliia Kaziuk: During the periods when Artem and I stayed up late, we even wanted to sing sometimes, because the situation was already out of control, because there was a lot of work. But we were not upset and went on.

Olha Shkil: Tell us, how do you distribute your time and responsibilities? I understand that the judge's assistant, the courtroom secretary, the judge have as many different responsibilities as possible, but there may be some advice on this.

Nataliia Yehorova: I think that everyone should plan their own work. We don't have such situations when we do some special work from nine o'clock, than we rest from ten o'clock or at noon. That is, everyone plans their work independently. The main thing is that each of our team understands that responsibility is a responsibility and we all have one goal - to consider cases well and timely. Therefore, we do not have planning as such, we just want to do our job well.

Artem Derevianko: Really, because we all have different current tasks, but united by one goal - to ensure justice. And so everyone, carrying out responsible work in their sector, he sees the main thing. No one is ashamed to help each other, point out any the defects if someone notices. It is always perceived in a friendly way, and not as a kind of desire to reproach a person.

Olha Shkil: As a criticism, right?

Artem Derevianko: Yes, never. It is always friendly support, some kind of help. I think this is also extremely important in the team. And we also really appreciate it.

Olha Shkil: Listening to you, I want to work with you, in your team. But still, we are all human, and maybe there is a problem that was in establishing your working relationship, and you solved it? Or what did you disagree with the most, but later adapted to?

Liliia Kaziuk: At first it was difficult for us to find a specific case, but then we reached a common consensus, and such problems no longer arose. On the contrary, it was even funny: the case was before ours faces, and we do not see it. But it was there, and we continued to work.

Nataliia Yehorova: It seems, Lily, that we are losing cases. (laughs)

Olha Shkil: Maybe this is the strength of the team - common problems and common solutions.

Nataliia Yehorova: I really have never heard from Artem or Liliia "It's not my job" or "I won't do it." I have encountered this in my life, such a relationship between a secretary and an assistant."I do only my work." Here is no such thing. Artem has more work, Lilia always helps him, she will offer a help. And vice versa. For this I really appreciate our team: there is always a desire to help each other, noone avoids any work.

 Olha Shkil: Besides, was there a moment or situation that made it clear to each of you that you feel comfortable and want to work in this team? Lilia, you're laughing. Maybe you want to answer this question?

Liliia Kaziuk: In fact, from the first day it was clear that there was a team of like-minded people who can both work and laugh again. And we have been feeling comfortable from the first day. Indeed, Natalia Nikolaevna tells the truth. So I can't add anything at all.

Olha Shkil: I think we needed to find another team that had some problems. (laughs)

Nataliia Yehorova: Friendly atmosphere - that is important for me. When I come to the office, I see that the secretary and assistant have a good relationship, they help each other, that they are smiling. There is no such a tension in relations so there are no conflicts. It affects the work. If a person is in a good mood, she wants to work, do her job faster. This is the main thing for me.

Artem Derevianko: Human relations are also important in a sense that you can seek anyone’s advice both business issue and issues related to the private life. Feel support, share your personal experiences. Because, whatever it is, our private lives have an extremely strong impact on our work. And if you have some support, relaxation in the team, it also helps to cope with disagreements and continue to work effectively.

Olha Shkil: And keep pace in work.

Nataliia Yehorova: In the team we often discuss not only work issues, that’s mean that we are interested in our colleague’s lives.

Olha Shkil: We won’t ask you to tell us these secrets. (laughs)

Nataliia Yehorova: We do it during lunchtime.

Olha Shkil: As we settle down into memories a bit, can you remember some funny moments (you have them, I think) or the most nervous ones that are related to your team?

Nataliia Yehorova: Funny moments... I can’t say that it’s funny. But we celebrated the Day of Court Workers and I was excited (Artem has a lot of talents, he is really good assistant and always do work perfectly) you, girls, even don’t know how he’s good in singing. I was impressed that he knows a lot of songs, also such serious things as Vladimir Vysotsky oeuvre. It was a little bit funny because he was singing a lot, song after song. But it really impressed us both Liliia and me. The person is revealed. A talented person is talented in everything. This is about our Artem.

Olha Shkil: Maybe were there any nervous moments? Of course now we remember such moments with the smile, because we already got through it. Do you remember such situation?

Nataliia Yehorova: Of course, there are mistakes in our work. Anyone who doesn’t work doesn’t make mistakes, this is understandable. But when we have some kind of situation, this is mistake of the whole team. We have never blamed each other. There is a problem that needs to be solved, and that’s it. There is no such thing as “how it happened”, “who did it”, “how”. We know that we will solve this problem - and it won’t be in the future. But never to blame.

Olha Shkil: Very good advice for work teams: not to blame each other but to acknowledge the fact of the problem and solve it jointly. Perhaps Artem will remember any nervous moment?

Artem Derevianko: Thanks to our team, as Nataliia Mykolaivna said, any nervous moments were reduced to the most effective search for a way to solve them, just some relevant conclusions were made. And these nervous moments simply grew into working moments.

Olga Shkil: Like an experience.

Artem Derevianko: Yes, and thanks to the fact that our team was formed very quickly, but very closely, we can say that the nervous moments, even despite the specifics of our work, the number of cases and their complexity. I can say that there are no too nervous moments and won’t be.

Nataliia Yehorova: Work responsibility. Both Liliia and Artem are very responsible people. Understanding that some situation has occurred, this is only due to the large number of cases and workload.

Olha Shkil: The human factor.

Nataliia Yehorova: Right. I get a little worried when Artem says: “Nataliia Mykolaivna, we had some kind of situation there.” But then he speaks softer.

Liliia Kaziuk: But then it always ends: “Also we have good news.” (laughs)

Olha Shkil: Please, tell us what would you personally wish your team in the upcoming work and what would you like to achieve together? Perhaps work in the Supreme Court.

Nataliia Yehorova: You know, we like our work and team. We discussed this issue as we would like. Of course, I wish a professional growth to both Liliia, and Artem.

Olha Shkil: So later they could also tell how they worked as secretaries, assistants.

Nataliia Yehorova: A person must grow professionally. Therefore, I will be glad and as much as I can, I will help in career growth and I think that the team it is good. Artem and Liliia have a great potential, and these are worthy people to occupy a high position and move on.

Artem Derevianko: Firstly, it’s such a beautiful expression – extremely important not where you work, but with whom. Therefore, I wish our team to stay together, and secondly, I would like for the distant future not to lose contacts with each other, despite everything. Always remain human and stay together. This is such close contact that has arisen in the work and needs to be maintained. I will always be glad to see both Nataliia Mykolaivna and Liliia in any life situations.

Liliia Kaziuk: You know, it’s nice when a person wants to return home and wake up in the morning and go to the work. As Artem previously said, our life doesn’t end at work, we still have non working moments, so let everything be in all areas, as each of us dreams of.

Olha Shkil: Now I offer you to give some advice. We had them during our conversation, but perhaps to summarize. What can you tell those who begin to work in such a small team of “secretary-assistant-judge”, and what you should pay attention to, how to behave?

Nataliia Yehorova: Why do I like to work in our team? We are always in a good mood, it is very important. When Artem and Liliia with a smile say: “Nataliia Mykolaivna, don’t worry, everything will be fine.” For me, it is very important, because my worries immediately fades somewhere into the background. Smile, friendliness and good mood are very important. Then there will be no strain in the relationship.

Artem Derevianko: I can add only one thing: always be honest with each other, not be afraid to admit your mistakes. As Nataliia Mykolaivna said, we all do mistakes, and those who do nothing are not mistaken. But if you can admit your mistake and say in advance, you are more likely to neutralize it somehow, to get out of the situation. In my opinion the team is built on trust, without it will fall apart.

Nataliia Yehorova: Yeah, well-coordinated teamwork is the key to success, this is the most important thing. If comfortable, work will always be a joy.

Liliia Kaziuk: Yes, really, I would like to advise you not to get stuck, even if there are any misunderstandings, always find a compromise. A good mood, a smile - this is the best weapon against all kinds of mistakes. If there is a mood and a desire to work efficiently, then there will be no problems.

Nataliia Yehorova: And the desire to help each other in work and in resolving issues.

Olha Shkil: We are very grateful to you. Hope that this information will be useful to our listeners, in particular about how to feel and behave in the new team even despite of whether you work in court or in any other institution.

Nataliia Yehorova, Artem Derevianko, Liliia Kaziuk: Thanks to all the listeners.

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